Deep Learning + Autonomy

Computer Vision + Mapping

We provide comprehensive and accurate map data using

novel techniques to support the future of transportation.

What We Provide

Parking Data Digitalization

We collect and digitalize the static parking data, both on-street and off-street, that will meet your needs
Bypassing time-consuming and expensive fieldwork, PolaGIS leverages innovative technology to engage in the remote collection of precise and reliable parking data. From the digitalized data that we provide, information on the location of specific parking spaces, meters and signs, pricing and regulation, and capacity will be at your fingertips.

Road Features Mapping

Documenting the road networks of your city to embrace an autonomous future
With the development of and demand for autonomous vehicle, HD maps become crucial. In contrast to the information provided by traditional maps, PolaGIS uses deep learning to recognize and extract road features with high accuracy. Using our map data, users will enjoy a more efficient and reliable automatic driving experience.

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